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5 Tips for Saving Money on Hotel and Car Rentals for Your Next Vacation

5 Tips for Saving Money on Hotel and Car Rentals for Your Next Vacation

Traveling can be expensive, but there are ways to save money on hotel and car rentals. These tips will help you make your next vacation a more affordable trip. Rental car prices can be very high, especially in the current market. So shopping around and finding the best price for your needs is important.


Book Early

Booking early for your next vacation can make a huge difference in how much you spend. Whether you’re looking for a hotel or a rental car, some smart ways exist to save money and find the best deals.

Regarding hotel prices, a report found that travelers who booked hotels and car rentals between three and six months before they checked in last summer saved 5% off their average daily rate. And if you’re traveling with a large group, it pays to book as far in advance as possible. In addition to securing the best price, booking early also gives you more time to explore your options and familiarize yourself with the specific car you’ll be renting. This can help you choose the right vehicle and avoid surprises at the airport, such as an older model or a high mileage rate. If you’re planning a trip with a big group, it’s also important to book your flight early and check websites like This way, you’ll purchase round-trip tickets that are often more affordable. And it’s primarily a good idea to book flights using points or miles.


Go in the Off Season

Going in the off-season is a great place to start if you’re looking to save money on hotel and car rentals for your next vacation. This is because fewer tourists are traveling in the area, so hotels, attractions, and restaurants are more likely to have a room available. In addition, hotels and airlines usually offer cheaper rates for hotel rooms and flights in the off-season. This is because the supply of travelers in the area is lower, meaning they must cut their prices to stay in business. Moreover, it’s also possible to cash in your frequent flyer miles during the off-season to get a flight for less than what they normally cost. This can be an extremely lucrative way to travel, especially if you have a flexible schedule and a modest travel budget. However, be sure to keep in mind that off-season travel also has some drawbacks. For example, if you’re visiting a beach town, there may be little to no entertainment or dining options. Similarly, transportation schedules can be unpredictable, so you must be prepared for delays or missed connections.


Look for Discounts

Hotels and car rentals are expensive, but there are ways to save a bundle. Taking advantage of the latest discount hotel offers and booking deals from car rental companies can help you score a bargain rate on your next trip.

For example, some websites aggregate prices from multiple rental car sites to find the best deal, sometimes slashing rates by hundreds of dollars. This site is a good start, but you can always call your car rental company for a quote. You can also save on hotel and car rentals by shopping for bundles, including airfare and lodging. This will save you money and time, especially if you plan a side trip to see the sights.

The best way to save on your next vacation is to book as early as possible proactively. This will ensure that you get the best available rates and amenities for your money. You can score a free drink or upgrade in your hotel room.


Book a Bundle

It’s common for travelers to begin vacation planning by scouring the web for a great flight deal. After all, airfare is typically the most expensive component of any trip. Using data science, the company’s team of travel experts uncovered that when travelers book flights, hotels and car rentals online as one transaction, they can save $240 on average. This is particularly true regarding last-minute trips, which can yield the biggest savings. For example, a pair of travelers looking to visit Hawaii can save $760 when they book their flight, hotel and rental car online eight to 14 days before their travel date. Bundling your hotel and rental car also frees you up to budget more for other parts of your trip. You can use this extra money to splurge on restaurants, souvenirs and other items not included in your original booking rate.


Stay Flexible

Staying flexible with your travel dates is one of the best ways to save money on hotel and car rentals for your next vacation. Prices and availability can fluctuate significantly as the date approaches, so book early for the best deals. In addition, check rental car rates and options before finalizing your flight arrangements. You may be able to find cheaper rental cars at alternative airports, which can help you stretch your budget even more. Similarly, consider bundling your flight and hotel, as some booking sites offer discounted packages for both.



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