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Why is an air purifier necessary for your 3D printer?

Why is an air purifier necessary for your 3D printer?

Is an air purifier required for 3D printing? If you’re a 3D printing professional or enthusiast, you’ve probably asked yourself this question. Even if you don’t think printing is dangerous, the FDM printing process involves heating plastic filaments, which produces emissions you don’t want to breathe in.
It goes without saying that 3D printing is a fantastic hobby as well as an important part of many manufacturing businesses. The solution to the problems caused by 3D printer emissions is as simple as making a few changes that will make you safer rather than discontinuing all printing activities. One simple change you can make is to print in a well-ventilated room. This will keep the particles and fumes produced during the printing process from accumulating. You can also substitute PLA for ABS or nylon whenever possible because it emits fewer emissions, though it isn’t a perfect substitute on its own.

However, if you truly want to protect yourself from potentially harmful airborne contaminants, you should consider purchasing an air purifier for 3D printing. The right air purifier can help remove gases and particles emitted by 3D printers.
Air purifiers such as the Snapmaker 2.0 Air Purifier use both carbon and HEPA filtration. This is critical because neither type of filter can completely eliminate 3D printing emissions on their own. The Snapmaker Air purifier is available for €559 at
Snapmaker air purifier has a custom filter cartridge with five layers of various filters integrated into one to capture what is actually emitted during the 3D printing or laser engraving processes.
The G4 Filter is intended to filter larger particles (diameter 5 m). It filters out more than 90% of PM10 and PM5. F9 filters particles with diameters of one metre or greater. More than 95% of PM10, PM5, and PM2.5 are removed.
Two layers of 70 mm thick HEPA H13 filters make up the final stage gate. They are capable of capturing up to 99.97% of all airborne particles, including PM0.3, the most invasive particle in the atmosphere. Also A dense pack of activated carbon is also added to absorb VOCs that cannot be captured by other filters. Odor problems are no longer an issue.
It is not enough to be efficient. The various filter levels are arranged inside the cartridge in a specific order to maximise the cartridge’s lifespan, ensuring that you won’t need to replace the cartridge until it has been fully utilised. Snapmaker 2.0 monitors filter cartridges in real time, and the touchscreen displays how long the filter cartridge will last. It notifies you when a new one is required. To demonstrate how the air purifier works, the built-in LED strip changes colours, flows, breathes, and flashes.
The Air Purifier and Enclosure are designed in the same manner as before. The surface anodized CNC-machined aluminium beams and shell produce machine bodies that are well-sealed, have an extremely fine texture, and have a consistent silver grey appearance. They are both adorable and powerful.
In addition to the CAN Hub, the Enclosure and Air Purifier are compatible with all current and upcoming Snapmaker 2.0 add-ons.
The A350T/A250T bundle is a 3-in-1 3D printer that allows you to fully express your creativity through 3D printing, laser engraving, cutting, and CNC carving. It is a new generation of 3-in-1 3D printer that is smarter, faster, larger, and more powerful than ever before. The Snapmaker 2.0 Air Purifier adds an extra layer of safety by filtering chemicals such as PM (Particle Matters) and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that can be released during 3D printing or laser engraving on specific types of materials.


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